Presented Deepfakes Detection work at PEC Expo 2023.





    Delivered an Invited Talk at ICOSST 2022, KICS UET Lahore.






    Dr. Ali Javed's talk at Frontiers of Information Technology conference.

  • Presented Deepfakes Detection work at All Punjab Universities Innovation Expo 2022.

  • PHEC Visit on 10/11/2022
  • Recent Publications
    1. 1. Copy move forgery detection and segmentation using improved mask region-based convolution network (RCNN) in Applied Soft Computing.
    2. 2. A robust deep learning approach for tomato plant leaf disease localization and classification in Scientific Reports
    3. 3. Deepfakes Examiner: An End-to-End Deep Learning Model for Deepfakes Video Detection in 16th ICOSST 2022.
    4. 4. Deepfakes Catcher: A Novel Fused Truncated DenseNet Model for Deepfakes Detection in 16th ICITA Conference.
    5. 5. DarkSiL Detector for Facial Emotion Recognition in 16th ICITA Conference.
    6. 6. A Hybrid CBIR System using Novel Local using Tetra Angle Patterns and Color Moment Features in Journal of King Saud University.
  • Capacity Building Training for PIs

    Dr. Ali Javed attended a 5-days training on capacity building for PIs organized by HEC and British Council on Sep 12-16, 2022 at Marriot Hotel Islamabad.

  • Deepfakes Paper Presentation in IBCAST-22

    Our lab member Ms. Qurat-ul-Ain presented her work "FaceSwap Deepfakes Detection using Novel Multi-Directional Hexadecimal Feature Descriptor" at the 19th IBCAST 2022 conference held in Bhurban.

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Welcome to MSP Lab

MSP research lab focuses on generating cutting-edge research results in the field of multimedia signal processing. The research at MSP group focuses on extracting useful information from the multimedia content by analyzing images, videos, and audio signals. MSP is conducting useful research and designs various state-of-the-art computer vision, image and audio processing based applications by using both learning and non-learning-based techniques. The research lab is keen to develop desktop as well as mobile applications for computer vision, image processing, and audio processing using machine learning. The members at MSP research lab also designs various quality engineering frameworks from time to time to evaluate the performance of multimedia signal processing applications. One of the major objectives of MSP research lab is the development of novel technological innovations to support the activities of daily life by using wearable and smart sensors.


Is seeing still believing?
Combating Deepfakes, one of the biggest AI threats.

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To conduct cutting-edge research and develop state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence algorithms for solving real-world problems, and product development and commercialization to facilitate the socio-economic development of Pakistan.


Establishment of a state-of-the-art Multimedia signal processing research center for imparting technological innovation and collaborative research in computer vision-oriented Artificial Intelligence for capacity building of young scholars to facilitate achieving the skilled IT resources for sustainable growth in Pakistan.


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